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Love dis.

xD ahaha I have cats...and...I wish they'd do this kind of stuff. Would make my life so much easier. Definitely gotta favorite this now..

Purple plays a good skinflute

So I think Purple link has a good skill. Not only is he good with his mouth, but he has good rhythm apparently!
( Purple link is in this video if you guys really cant see him, when tingle, or whatever his name shows up...look right in front of green link.. ;) )

That is definately how the game is...

This deserves a 10...just because of what happend to the little cousin at the end. I still can't stop laughing xD Best minecraft video i've ever seen dude.

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I love this game but it needs a FORCE LOSE button...oh my god it wont stop...xD


I've never been one to play tower defense games before. But you sir...know how to make a good TD game. This is a perfect combination of a good music game. ( with AWESOME music choices i might add!) and a balanced, and fun TD game. I wish I could give more than a 10 star rating because...I just cannot get enough of this game. You need to make an Iphone/Ipod touch version of this. Im serious, you'd probably make a lot of money with it!!

Wow..i love this strangely...

I swear a lot of those scores are cheated... ( on the all-time scores) This game is fun to play though, finding the secret commands is fun too... also i got 25 seconds XD im so proud of myself......i dont get out much D: THIS IS KICKASS BTW :D

Manly-Chicken responds:

Thanks! And yes, a lot of those scores are cheated.

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Wow really? no comments on this?

I am quite a fan of this song, and this is a pretty good loop :P Well done. Would be really cool if you could do the whole song though.

MF-Greth responds:

Thanks, cheers

Random, but cool.

Not really sure how much I can say about this one. I mean I like the beat, but it almost sounds like the song is confused. ( im kind of out of it so sorry if I don't make sense.)
I Do like this one better than some of your other works.

IbeSm responds:

Thanks, I wasn't expecting too much out of myself with this one, it was a complete mess when I started, I'm glad I got anything out of it and got to try new things. But I do understand what you mean by being a little jumbled and confusing, but hey.

River city?

Anyone else think river city ransom when this first started?...

Its pretty awesome dude! :D nothing like my stuff here xD

wandschrank responds:

River City Ransom? Gotta check that out! :D

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